Jasmin Kolberg - CD Animato Rezensionen und Kommentare

CD Animato
Rezensionen und Kommentare

Animato Rezensionen
Jahr 2003
Datum Publikation, Titel
October 2003 Percussive Notes (USA)
Animato Rezensionen
Jahr 2002
Datum Publikation, Titel
März 2002 Stereoplay
Animato Rezensionen
Jahr 2001
Datum Publikation, Titel
August/September 2001 Percussion Creativ Newsletter
by Gordon Stout
Juli 2001 PRINZ Stadtmagazin Stuttgart
14. Juli 2001 Neue Württembergische Zeitung

»I was very impressed with the entire recording. The percussion community has needed a recording of Eric Sammut's marimba music for some time now, and your effort more than filled this gap! Your playing is expressive and the tone and sound quality is excellent. Congratulations on an beautiful recording! Bravo!«

Mark Ford
University of North Texas, Past President - Percussive Arts Society

»Jasmin Kolberg's first solo disc 'Animato' - a really impressive first album! I'm sure we shall hear a lot more from her - I look forward to following her progress.«

James Holland, former Principal Percussionist BBC, London

»Although there are many marimba CD's available, at my house, most of them only get played once. Jasmin Kolberg's is a refreshing change -- solid musicianship and a beautiful sound -- a marimba CD you can listen to again and again.«

Leigh Howard Stevens

»Thank you so much for your CD. Everything is artistically done and I love them all. The repertoire is a delightful change from so much being recorded today. I've E-mailed M. Burritt and told him how beautifully you played Caritas and how much I like the work. Bravo to both of you. Also, the best performance of Mexican Dances I've heard since Gordon.

All your support cast are special. Mind if I critique everything? The Debussy was wonderful and the Piazzolla was so fluid and musical - the stopped notes make me smile every time I hear them. Congratulations!«

Robin Engelmann (Nexus), Canada 2001