Presse [Percussive Notes Nr. 84, February 2006]
Mosaique – Jasmin Kolberg

Kolberg’s four-mallet marimba performance is flawless and present top-shelf technique. Her sensitivity to nuance, the individual style of each composition, and her attention to the details in sound produdtion make this CD a landmark recording for the marimba. I hardly noticed time passing as Kolberg’s effortless musicianship sparkled through the recording. Kolberg’s CD notes are printed in Geman, French and English, reflecting her background in spoken language and her desire to market this CD globally. Her art design of the CD cover reflects a mosaic of color and contrast. She comments on Sammut’s compositional style in her liner notes with the following comments: “his compositional building blocks, forms and colors give each work its own character. In combination his pieces become a part of whole, like stones in a mosaic. This production aims to make these mosaics audible”. Kolberg succeeds with flying colors with her own uniquely classy style. --Jim Lambert--

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